Vileda Easy Sweep – Rechargeable carpet sweeper

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This electric sweeper is stronger than a broom and more convenient than a vacuum. With the help of this electronic cleaning device, you can simplify your everyday floor cleaning routine and lighten your workload.

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Vileda Easy Sweep – Rechargeable carpet sweeper


Product Highlights

1. Long-Lasting Batteries

With the help of lithium-ion batteries, the premium electric sweeper can run for 40 minutes when previously charged for 3.5 hours. Charger included.

2. Ideal Dirt Pick-Up

The cordless electric sweeper rids your floor of hair, dirt, and dust, and even picks up crumbs and other dirt particles.

3. Convenient Manoeuvrability

The flexible joints and ergonomic handle let you manoeuvre your rechargeable electric sweeper across your floors without having to bend down or crawl. This ensures maximum comfort and is advantageous when compared to bulky vacuums.



Charge the Battery

Before you can start sweeping your floors, charge the electronic sweeper’s battery for 3.5 hours so that it can run for 40 minutes.

Start Sweeping

Use your rechargeable vacuum sweeper to clean dry hardwood floors, tiles, and even short-pile rugs and carpets.


Store it Away

To save space, you can easily unscrew the three-part, telescopic handle and store your cordless floor sweeper in a cabinet.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Electric Sweeper

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Electric Sweeper

Do you want to brush your floors with a broom or clean those surfaces with a vacuum? Now you can do both at once! Vileda’s E-Sweeper combines the best of the two products and uses electric power to further speed up its floor cleaning abilities. Stairs and furniture are no longer obstacles. Our electric sweepers feature double-roll technology to pick up hair, stubborn dirt, and other particles like no other electronic cleaning item. By charging the rechargeable lithium-ion battery for 3.5 hours, we guarantee 40 minutes of floor cleaning. Modern design and functionality conflate into a perfect vacuuming product and top this supreme cleaning tool off with best floor cleaning results. This electric sweeper is a high-value lightweight cordless floor cleaner. It is easy to handle and can be folded to save space. Hard-sealed floors and tiles can be cleaned in no time. Short carpets and rugs up to 8 mm in height are not a problem for the premium electric sweeper, either. Regularly rinse and clean your sweepers to let them dry completely before using them again. The rolls can be taken out for cleaning. The ergonomic handle guarantees a secure grip and lets you sweep underneath sofas and chairs, so you don’t have to bend down or scrub floors on your knees. No more back pain! Add this electric sweeper to your collection of floor cleaning tools and use this vacuum-broom next time you clean your floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply lift the appliance by the handle, remove the container, and empty it into your bin. You can also rinse the container with a wet cleaning cloth and under tap water.
Unlike a vacuum, the electric sweeper is cordless. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and can be moved around without restrictions. It is also much lighter and more practical than a regular vacuum, because it works like a broom and a vacuum simultaneously. Its double-roll brushes are very efficient, which makes the product especially low-maintenance because you can quickly activate the electric broom and use it almost anywhere right away.
Like your mobile phone, you can simply plug in the charger and wait for it to recharge. The cordless sweeper is ready to go for 40 minutes after charging for 3.5 hours.
Simply rinse the dirt collection container under running water. The rolls can be removed from the appliance and rinsed under the tap as well. Please note: Do not re-use the electronic cleaning device until all components have dried. In addition, only use it on dry floors.
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