Vileda Windomatic Power – vacuum for windows

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The Vileda Windomatic Power vacuum for windows is the perfect choice for modern and easy window cleaning. With its 2 electronic power levels, it sucks all streaks within mere seconds and leaves no stains. No more tedious window cleaning thanks to this intuitive technology.

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Product Highlights

1. 2 Power Modes

Use the regular mode of your vacuum for windows for small cleaning stains and the MAX-mode with 50% additional power for larger amounts of fluid.

2. Ergonomic Handle

Due to its ergonomic design, the Windomatic Power Vacuum for windows fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and can be wielded with intuitive flexibility and precision during window cleaning.

3. Washable Tank

The convenient tank of the Vileda Windomatic Power vacuum for windows has a 100-ml capacity and can easily be detached and washed in your dishwasher after window cleaning without suffering any damage.



Long Durability

The electric vacuum for windows cleans 120 windows with just one charge (1 m2 per window)


Powerful MAX-mode

Get rid of even the most persistent stains with the window vacuum MAX-mode that is 50% more powerful and efficient than its regular power setting


Flexible Neck

Quick and smooth flexibility during window cleaning thanks to the adjustable neck design


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Windowmatic Power

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Windowmatic Power

Window Cleaning can be one of the most tedious daily household chores. Continuous water refilling on the mop and repetitive wringing makes this task annoying and tiring.

With our Vileda Windomatic Power vacuum cleaner for windows, those days are over. Once the cleaning substance has been spread across the window, use our Windomatic Power to dry the window with one single glide, leaving no annoying drips or streaks behind.

Any extra water is stored in the small and dishwasher-safe tank, which can be removed for cleaning thanks to the 1 Click-Technology system.

Using our Windomatic Power is as simple as using a regular window squeegee, but far more convenient. While one wipe is enough to remove all water, the handling of the device is as practical due to its handy size and flexible neck that can be adjusted during cleaning.

Get your own Vileda Windomatic Power vacuum cleaner for windows today for a smooth window-cleaning experience with a modern twist.

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