Vileda UltraMax/1-2 Spray Mop Refill

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A replacement pad for your Ultramax or 1-2 Spray mop. Made with microfibre and super durable materials which can be machine washed and used time and time again.

The microfibres in the pad remove over 99% of bacteria with JUST water*, giving a hygenic clean without the need for chemicals.


*Research by an independent, accredited institute for microbiology & immunology.

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Vileda UltraMax/1-2 Spray Mop Refill


Product Highlights

1. 80% Microfibre Pad

To guarantee deep down cleaning, the machine washable mop head is made from 80% microfibre and mixed with other fibres to provide a robust, durable and high perfromance clean. This fabric mix is highly functional and cleans stubborn dirt thoroughly.

2. Dirt Pick-up and Shine

The Power Zones on the mop pad are designed to pick up dirt and other particles to leave your floors glistening. This combination of fibres and high-performance materials result inshiny surfaces and clean floors.

3. Water-Absorbency

The refill pad is highly water-absorbent so that large amounts of water and other fluids can be easily soaked up.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda UltraMax & 1-2-Spray Mop Refill

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda UltraMax & 1-2-Spray Mop Refill

Looking to replace you current mop pad? The mop pad can easily be attached with the push buttons onto your UltraMax or your 1-2-Spray Mop (neither mops are included). This refill mop head is machine washable at up to 60 °C. It consists of 80% microfibres, which help to guarantee a quick particle and dirt pick-up as well as thoroughly cleaning away grease and dust. This mop pad is suitable for all hard-sealed floors like pvc-floorings, linoleum, tiles, laminate, parquet or hardwood floors. For the best cleaning performance ensure you wash without using fabric softener.  Get your UltraMax and 1-2-Spray machine washable mop pad replacement here!

Frequently Asked Questions

The microfibre mop pad is suitable for either our UltraMax cleaning product with bucket and wringer or our 1-2-Spray Mop which has an in-built spray function. You can easily attach the new mop refill.
To attach it, open the push buttons on your old mop pad and remove. Attach the new one by pushing the buttons into the holes on the mop frame.
Our cleaning tools are designed as unique products, with different features and advantages. The attachable mop heads also differ in shape and size to match each cleaning product and are, therefore, not always interchangeable.
Generally, our washable mop heads are long-lasting if rinsed and used correctly. However, mops don’t last forever. We recommend washing and using your old mop head until it no longer meets your personal cleanliness requirements. Should you detect ingrained dirt marks or darker spots on the product that you cannot rinse or wring out, we recommend you get a new refill.
If you still have questions or other matters you want to talk about, feel free to contact us via our online contact form . Our customer support agents will help you.
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