Vileda Collectex Face Masks - Hygienic single use

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The innovative adult face mask is ideal for on the go, and can be worn when shopping or on public transport. This high-quality, single-use, three-layer non-woven mask covers the mouth and nose , reducing the release of particles into the air when speaking, sneezing or coughing. 

These single use masks can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

Pack of 20 masks included.

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Vileda Collectex Face Masks - Hygienic single use


Product Features

The Vileda Collectex Face Mask helps you to feel safe in everyday situations.

These face masks cover the mouth and nose and are made of three-layers of nonwoven fabric, which are intended for single use only.

They are light to wear, odourless and the non woven fabric makes them more breathable to wear – use in everyday life at home, or on the go whilst shopping or travelling on public transport.

The masks can reduce the release of particles from the breath in to the air.

Face masks are not certified medical devices, so no protection against infections can be guaranteed.

Please follow these tips when using the face masks:

  • Under no circumstances should you touch the mask while wearing it.
  • When removing the mask, only touch the loops, try to not touch the folded material.
  • Use the mask only once, when finished remove and place in the bin.
  • Make sure that both your mouth and nose are always completely covered.
  • The mask should fit snugly against your face, use the nose clip to adapt the fit.
  • If the mask has become damp, it must be replaced, otherwise viruses and bacteria can multiply.

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