Vileda Sunshine Premium Rotary Dryer

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The new Vileda Sunshine Premium compact rotary washing line presents an easy construction, resistant material, and a large 40 m-drying space. Dry your clothes, bedding, curtains and other laundry fast and efficiently with this space-saving outdoor airer.

Vileda Sunshine Premium Rotary Dryer

Product Highlights

1. Adjustable Height

Easily adjust the height of the compact rotary clothes line from 1.6m up to 1.9m. Designed to accommodate a height that is suitable for you

2. 40 Metres of Drying Space

Fully extended, the Sunshine Premium airer offers 40 metres of drying space for your laundry. This is enough space for up to 3 large loads of laundry.

3. Easy Construction

Simply insert the main rod into the ground joint socket and add the upper tier with a few easy actions. Putting together the compact rotary washing line only takes a few minutes.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Sunshine Premium Compact Rotary Washing Line

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Sunshine Premium Compact Rotary Washing Line

Laundry drying is an essential task in everyone’s daily household chores. The main problem with most clothes airers usually comes down to: “Where do I store it?” Most generic dryers are bulky and take up a lot of space, blocking pathways, furniture or even entire rooms. The Vileda Sunshine Premium compact rotary clothes line solves this problem as it is used and stored outside, and has a slim and efficient construction design. This rotary dryer grants a massive 40-metre drying space while barely taking up any room itself. With a span of just 2.20 metres, this outdoor clothes dryer is a perfect fit for smaller gardens and similar outdoor areas. The space-economical design offers enough room for 3 large washing loads, including heavy fabrics like duvets, bedding, blankets or towels.

A weatherproof protection sleeve is included with this innovative compact rotary washing line to ensure durability to help keep your dryer for longer. This product comes with a 3 year guarantee. Use it on the folded dryer to prevent outer damage like rust or scratches. The sturdy aluminium design makes this airer even more resistant. Get your own Vileda Sunshine Premium outdoor dryer now and be done with bulky airers, which ultimately take up too much of your space. Experience a whole new level of economical laundry drying with the Sunshine Premium Rotary Dryer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, thanks to its umbrella system the compact rotary washing line can be quickly set up on the ground with a few simple movements. Simply control it with a lever and pulling line.
The robust aluminium material makes the compact rotary washing line quite resistant to outer damage. Use the included protection sleeve to add extra resistance against weather and rust and increase its durability even more.
When folded, the dimensions of the rotary outdoor airer are: • Folded width: 120 cm • Folded depth: 17.6 cm • Folded height: 15.1 cm
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