Combat condensation with a little help from Vileda

Combat condensation with a little help from Vileda

Condensation is a problem in many homes as the colder weather kicks in and the chill of the outdoors contrasts with the cosy setting so many of us create inside. Thankfully, with Vileda you can suck away the excess moisture from windows, keeping your home condensation free.

Whether it’s jumping in a hot shower or relaxing in a warm bath on a cold day outside, condensation is something we can’t escape and mirrors, shower doors and windows are bound to suffer. With a flexible head and rubber lip for getting into those hard-to-reach corners and edges, the Vileda Windomatic Power is lightweight and will remove excess condensation, leaving a streak-free finish all the way to the edge.

This handy product gives you one less thing to worry about in the winter months and it also works as a great time saving tool when clearing the condensation inside of your car.

With up to 60m² of cleaning per charge, the lightweight Windomatic Power is the perfect accessory to have to hand both inside and outside the house.
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