12 Reasons to Love the 1-2 Spray Mop



As the UK’s number 1-selling spray mop in the UK*, the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop has been a family favourite across many UK households, with thousands praising its speed, convenience and cleaning ability, but did you know it’s also accredited for its sustainability? 

Let’s take a look at just 12 reasons to ❤ the 1-2 Spray Mop!

 * Source: IRI Value Sales, Floorcare Category, Major Multiples UK, 52 weeks ending 1st February 2020

1. It’s quick and easy

One of the many reasons why people love the 1-2 Spray Mop is because of how quick and easy it is – just squeeze the handle, which releases a fine mist spray to mop with, and away you go! 

This means no more excess water wastage – you can clean as you go, spraying directly onto your floor, right where you need it.

​​​​​​​2. It harnesses the power of microfibre

The 1-2 Spray Mop is a powerful cleaner, utilising the fantastic cleaning power of high-performance microfibres to deliver an extra deep clean and dirt pick-up as you go. What’s more, these microfibres can be machine washed and re-used up to 200 times to easily keep your home clean now and in the future.

The wide rectangular pad is also super absorbent, designed specifically to soak up fluids and greasy liquids, quickly and easily.

3.  It’s been designed with you in mind

With over 70 years’ experience in the home cleaning sector, Vileda knows first-hand what makes a good mop. 

Vileda have used this experience to make the 1-2 Spray Mop into the ultimate family-friendly cleaning machine; the sturdy handle delivers a secure, comfortable grip when mopping, and is within easy reach of the spray trigger for maximum ease of use and speed of spray. What’s more, the mop head uses a clever pivot mechanism to allow for effective manoeuvrability, so you can get into those difficult, hard-to-clean places with no fuss.


4.  It’s hygienic AND sustainable

DID YOU KNOW – The Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop removes over 99% of bacteria with just water†, so you can be sure of a thorough clean without the need to use chemicals; great if you are trying to reduce the amount of chemicals you buy and use around your home.

Alternatively, you could try the 1-2 Spray Mop with your favourite diluted cleaning liquid, as there are many eco-friendly cleaners available. The 1-2 Spray Mop is also made using recycled plastics, so you know you are doing your bit to clean up the planet, as you clean your home.

*Removes E coli & S. aureus from hardwood floor & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab www.vileda.co.uk 

5.  It’s a space saver!

Unlike most spray mops, the 1-2 Spray Mop doesn’t look or feel clunky  – The liquid tank is seamlessly integrated into within the mop handle, while the spray nozzle is cleverly designed at the bottom of the mop pole, right above the pad, so it’s easy to store and even easier to use!


6.  No need for batteries or disposable floor wipes

The great thing about the 1-2 Spray mop is that it’s a grab-and-go solution – no need to add batteries or buy and attach disposable wipes.

The 1-2 Spray Mop has a long-lasting microfibre pad already attached, that lasts over 200 washes – when your pad is ready for a wash, simply unclip it from the bottom of the mop and pop it in your washing machine at up to 60°C, and you’re ready to start cleaning again! (Just make sure you don’t include fabric softener, as this can affect the performance of the microfibres). 

7. It’s suitable for all hard floors

The 1-2 Spray Mop can be used on any sealed hard floor, including linoleum, vinyl, wood, parquet and laminate. The mop sprays just the right amount of liquid needed for the optimal clean, so there’s no risk of using too much water! However, please check with your flooring manufacturer if you wanted to include any chemicals or cleaning products in your mop, as some chemicals can have an adverse effect on your flooring.

8.  It’s super absorbent

The 1-2 Spray Mop can be used to clean up all sorts of mess in your home – as the microfibres are extra-absorbent, the mop head can clean away anything from dust and dirt to household spills and muddy footprints or pawprints with a spray of the mop! 


9. It’s a blogger fave!

A firm favourite with cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, who fondly calls her 1-2 Spray Mop “Vera”, other online influencers have shown their love for their 1-2 Spray Mop!

  • Instagrammer Lime_Tree_House loves that you can “unclip and clean” your 1-2 Spray Mop head, and it’s as good as new!
  • Instagram fan JottiesJournal found a new and novel way to use her 1-2 Spray Mop – she uses hers on her bathroom wall tiles, so you can get to those hard-to-reach places!

10.  It’s also a firm favourite with families and cleaners alike

Our reviews speak for themselves – one reviewer (a part-time cleaner) says she gets amazing results from her 1-2 Spray Mop: “I take my spray mop with me as it cleans amazing, doesn’t leave the floors soaking wet and [dries] quickly”. 

But mums also praise the 1-2 Spray Mop for its ease of use and its excellent performance. Here’s just a snapshot of what people say about it: 

"Very pleased with my purchase…it’s so easy to use, and very lightweight….Gets the job done with no problem at all"

“Very easy to use and excellent finish. Perfect for busy house with kids” 

“Love this mop as it’s light and handy. Great in-between-deep-clean daily mop!” 

11.  Reviewers love it too – and it’s accredited!

In an article by home website RealHomes, they praise the 1-2 Spray Mop’s durability, saying that “it makes an easy job of cleaning [because] the microfibre pad lifts dirt off the floor rather than pushing it around”. What’s more, the review says there’s nothing they don’t like about the mop (“We love everything about [it]!”), and they’ve had the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop for two years running and it’s still going strong. A true testament! 

This is one of the many reasons why the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop has been accredited by the Good Housekeeping Institute – the mop itself is approved by GHI, which involves rigorous testing carried out by GHI Experts and passing their consumer Quality Assessment test. 

What’s more, the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop pads have also received GHI “getting greener” accreditation, which is an environmental nod to the reusability of the mop pads, in recognition of the fact that they can last up to 200 washes.

12.  ….And best of all? You can get your hands on one now!

You, too, can get your hands on the UK’s number 1 best-selling spray mop*, by clicking here.

**Source: IRI Value Sales, Floorcare Category, Major Multiples UK, 52 weeks ending 1st February 2020

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Join our Your Vileda community and share your cleaning journey with us!

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