Vileda 2in1 Dustpan and Brush Set

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The Vileda 2in1 Dustpan is the essential dustpan and brush set for quick and uncomplicated floor sweeping. It is the ideal sweeping brush for dust and similar gritty particles of dirt.

Simplify your daily cleaning chores with this handy and efficient brush set.

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Product Highlights

1. Includes Brush and Dustpan

This product is a complete set that includes both dustpan and brush for fast and simple cleaning. The items work hand-in-hand and are to be used together.

2. 2in1 Fibre Sweeper

Ultra-thin black fibres collect even the finest dust while hard red fibres reach into stiff or angled corners and handle them with precise sweeping.

3. Ergonomic Short Handle

Unlike other brooms and brushes with bulky grips, the ergonomic short handle of the Vileda dustpan and brush set grants very comfortable movement while cleaning.




Use the convenient clip-in system of the brush and pan for easy storage.

Handy Corner Cleaning

Reach narrow spaces and angles with the efficient outer red fibres of the brush head.

Durable Bristles

The resistant 2in1 cleaning bristles will not bend or become brittle even after long-term use, granting a high durability.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Short Handle Dustpan Standard set with brush

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Short Handle Dustpan Standard set with brush

To make quick floor cleaning as smooth and convenient as possible, we developed the Vileda Short Handle Dustpan Standard for enjoyable and efficient sweeping. The innovative 2in1 system equips the soft bristles with ultra-thin black fibre to remove even finest dust particles, and with tenacious red fibre to clean narrow spaces and corners. These fine bristles are of highly versatile utility and can be used on many different surfaces. Use your brush on metal, wood, bathroom tiling or laminate and other materials to leave them sparkling and shining after just a few sweeps. For your convenience, the Vileda dustpan and brush set includes an ergonomic handle design for easy handling and an intuitive clip-in system that lets you slide the brush smoothly inside the dustpan for compact and practical storage. Get your Short Handle Dustpan Standard today and experience flawless and invigorating floor cleaning to turn your daily chores into a trouble-free and enjoyable task.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vileda Dustpan and Brush set can be used on any material in need of dusting and cleaning like tiling, wood, laminate or aluminium. Just be careful not to brush any wet, sharp or particularly hot surfaces so that the bristles stay clean and undamaged.
Outdoor surfaces like asphalt or paving can be brushed with our dustpans and brushes. However, if you permanently sweep them with a hand brush, the bristles might get damaged after a while. For long-term outdoor sweeping, a large broom is the preferred option over dustpan brushes. We offer a variety of outdoor brooms in our large Vileda online shop for you to choose from. To complete your household equipment, you can also purchase other products like scrubbing mops, rubber brushes, mops or a new toilet brush.
While the brush of the Short Handle Dustpan Standard can be used as a provisional duster or polisher for your décor and furniture, the bristle fibres are too rough for long-term dusting and might damage delicate items over time. For this use, we recommend a tool with finer bristles like a goat-hair brush.
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