Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop System

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Vileda’s 1-2-Spray is a mop without the need for a bucket. The microfibres in the pad remove over 99% of bacteria with JUST water, giving a hygienic clean without the need for chemicals.

Add either water or cleaning fluid to the tank which is integrated within the handle. Simply squeeze the trigger to spray and mop!

*Research by an independent, accredited institute for microbiology & immunology. 

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Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop System


Product Highlights

1. No Need for a Bucket

The 1 2 Spray mop works without the need of a bucket and wringer, the tank is included inside the handle.

2. Hygienically Clean

Not only is the 1 2 Spray super convenient, it gives a thorough clean, removing over 99% of bacteria with only water, no need to add chemicals. Cleaning solutions can be added if preferred.

3. Suitable for ALL Hard Floors

The flat mop system is ideal for both in-between cleaning, and thorough cleans. It can be used on any hard-sealed floor, including Lino, Vinyl and even wood and laminate.

NEW IMPROVED 1-2-Spray Mop System


Water Absorption

The white microfibre pad is super absorbent and easily soaks up fluids and oily liquids in one go. This flat spray mop ensures a fast and thorough cleaning experience. 


One-Click Activation

To spray a fine mist of water out of the mop, simply pull the trigger at the top of the handle.


Swift Manoeuvrability

The sturdy handle allows for a firm grip and ensures an easy and effective manoeuvrability to simplify your mopping process.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda 1-2-Spray Mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda 1-2-Spray Mop

The 1-2-Spray Mop works without the need for a bucket of water. The flat mop comes with an integrated water tank within the mop handle. Fill it with water or your preferred diluted detergent saving time and effort!

No need to wring excess water into a bucket, you have total control of how much water is sprayed on the floor meaning it is ideal for use on wood and laminate floors.

The flat mop with spray works with Vileda’s microfibre technology, the miniscule fibres give a thorough clean removing over 99% of bacteria with just water. The 1-2 Spray Mop is also perfect for in-between and emergency cleaning, when you need a quick, wet wipe over your floor.

For maximum convenience, the mop pad is also machine washable at up to 60°C. To keep it hygienic and clean, pop it into your washing machine for easy rinsing.

The bucketless mop works without batteries. Pull the trigger to activate the fine spray. This premium cleaning system is suitable for any hard-sealed floor like linoleum and even laminate, wood, vinyl and tiled floors. Mopping has never been this easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

The flat mop is ideal for cleaning floor tiles, linoleum and laminate floors. However, the moisture of the pads is also suitable for parquet and wood floors.
No, the 12 Spray mop doesn't use any batteries. Simply fill the handle with water or cleaning fluid and squeeze the trigger at the top of the mop to release a fine spray on to the floor.
The spray solution is available to buy here: Alternatively you can simply fill the integrated tank with water and a small amount of your preferred detergent if you wish, or just water.
Refills are available in our online shop. Simply type in the name of your product or cleaning tool and a refill pack will show up.
If your question has not been answered, you can always contact us via our online contact form . Our customer support agents will assist you with any help you need.
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