Best Mop for Laminate Floors: Keep Your Floors Looking New


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Laminate flooring has grown massively in popularity since 1977 due to its realistic look and feel, great value and ease of installation.   

Whether you already have laminate flooring or considering ripping up your current flooring in favour of replica wood, the appeal and benefits of laminate are abundant. 

To keep your laminate floors looking fantastic, you need to pick the right mop. Laminate floors can be a beautiful addition to your home, but you have to be careful when cleaning them.  

Using the wrong mop can leave streaks, cause damage, and make your floors look less shiny. In this guide, we'll explore how to take care of your laminate flooring and help you find the best mop for the job. 

Before you start cleaning – understand the basics 

Even though laminate floors look like hardwood they cannot be revarnished, so it’s worth your time and effort to keep them clean and free from grit and moisture. 

You can put mats by exterior doors and felt pads under the feet and corners of heavy furniture and chairs to prevent scratching. 

But it is important to keep laminate clean; as dust, dirt, and grit particles may scratch the surface over time. It is also important to make sure water isn’t to pool on laminate, so make sure you clean up spills quickly. 

Should you mop laminate flooring? 

Before we explore the best mop options, let's address the question of whether you should mop laminate flooring at all. The answer is yes, but with care.  

Laminate floors are not as forgiving as other flooring types, and excess moisture can seep into the seams, causing damage. That's why selecting the right mop and using proper techniques is crucial. 

What is the best mop for laminate floors? 

The following two mop types are excellent choices for laminate floors. 

Microfibre mops 

Microfibre flat mops are a popular choice for cleaning laminate floors, something similar to our 1-2 Spray Mop. This is due to them being able to be used dry or damp as you can control the moisture going onto the floor. These mops are gentle on the surface and effectively remove dust, dirt, and pet hair without scratching or leaving streaks.  

The microfibre flat mop pads on the 1-2 Spray mop are machine washable and reusable, making them both cost-effective and a more sustainable way to clean. For the best results, opt for a microfibre mop with a swivel head to reach tight corners and under furniture. 

Steam mops 

Steam mops have gained popularity for their efficiency in cleaning laminate floors. They are perfect for tackling deeper cleaning tasks without excessive moisture  the steam cleans your floors efficiently and effectively. 

When choosing a steam mop, ensure it has adjustable heat settings to control the moisture level, as excess water is a laminate floor's enemy. Our Steam Mop has 3 settings minimum, medium and maximum allowing you to select the right setting for the job. 

This is the best way to mop laminate floors 

The best way to clean a laminate floor involves using a microfibre mop and mopping in the direction of the floor planks. Here are some detailed tips: 

A steam mop for laminate floors can do a fantastic job, but it's essential to start with dry mopping. This process removes loose dirt and debris, making your wet mopping more effective. Here are some tips: 

  1. Start by using a dry microfibre flat mop on your 1-2 spray mop or sweep/vacuum the floor first to eliminate larger particles. 

  1. Dampen the 1-2 Spray Mop Pad slightly to ensure all sticky residue is cleaned away. 

  1. Remember to always mop in the direction of the floor planks to prevent streaks. 


In your quest to find the best mop for laminate floors remember that gentle care and the right tools are key to preserving their beauty. The combination of a dry microfibre mop and a steam mop used thoughtfully and sparingly, can help keep your laminate floors looking new. Make sure to follow the tips provided to achieve a streak-free shine. 

Ready to invest in high-quality cleaning tools for your home? Browse our range of Vileda Floorcare for an array of top-notch products designed to make your cleaning routine more efficient and enjoyable. Your laminate floors will thank you with a brilliant shine! 

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