DIY Hacks for Efficient Cleaning

“I have a lot of housework to do, but I’m short on time. The last thing I want to do after work or after the kids have gone to bed, is spend hours cleaning the house.”

Does this sound familiar?

We feel you! Whether you’re looking to cut down on overall cleaning time, or you’re struggling to find the perfect products to make cleaning easy, Vileda is here to help you improve your cleaning experience.

Follow these DIY hacks for an easier cleaning life.

When life gives you lemons, use them to clean your home!

Listen up! We know using a slice of lemon as a part of your cleaning routine may seem bizarre, but the benefits of this particular citrus fruit are undeniable. Here are 4 unique ways to clean with your lemon!

  • The kitchen and bathroom bins do a lot of dirty work on a regular basis, so it’s important to keep them clean and smell-free. So why not use fresh lemon to clean and deodorise waste disposals? Simply cut the citrus fruit into quarters and pop it into the bin when you replace any liners.
  • Pop half a lemon – without the seeds – in your dishwasher to leave your crockery looking extra clean and sparkling.
  • Are you forever attempting the shiny sink look? Well, who knew your leftover lemon slices could come in handy. Better Homes & Gardens magazine believes the key to a shiny sink is to add salt to your lemon and wipe down your sink like normal, your sink will be unrecognisable! Using natural remedies for cleaning is ideal for saving money, and great if you’re looking to cut back on using chemicals in your home.
  • Our final lemon tip is the perfect way to end your day. Boil some lemons in water with added rosemary and vanilla to provide your home with a fresh and comforting aroma.

Check out @mama_mila_ for some lemon slice hacks in action!

Remove pet hair with rubber gloves

Pet hair on couches, carpets, and EVERYWHERE ELSE can be super annoying. Rubber gloves will get the job done if your vacuum cleaner isn’t collecting all the hair. Pop on your rubber gloves (we heard Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves are the best!), and rub them across the necessary areas. The hair will stick to the glove, allowing it to collect any leftover pet hair.

Want more pet-specific cleaning hacks? Visit our “How to keep your home clean and fresh as a pet owner” blog on our website now.

Use your cleaning tools innovatively

Use your Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop to clean your walls and baseboards as well as your floors. The flat microfibre mop head is the perfect size and shape to collect dust and wipe away any grime (just don’t forget to wash your mop head in between washing your floors and walls!). The long handle means you can reach the top of the walls without having to stretch uncomfortably or stand on furniture.

Washing your clothes like a professional

There is always room for improvement when it comes to washing your clothes! We’re here to teach you some tips and tricks.

To keep your clothes looking new and smelling fresh, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your clothes immediately after your washing machine has finished its cycle, to prevent odours being produced from a build-up of moisture.
  2. Smooth out your clothes before drying to help retain their shape.
  3. Dry your clothes naturally on an airer, instead of using a tumble dryer, to reduce wear and tear as well as saving you money.

Looking for the perfect airer for when it’s raining? The Vileda Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer has a total of 18 metres of drying space, allowing you to dry up to two wash loads at once. This Vileda airer also has a handy detachable wing which you can hang on your radiator or balcony for smaller washes. Not only are you saving time, but you’re also making your cleaning more efficient!

Efficiency is KEY

Creating efficient working spaces in your home will make completing tasks easier than ever.
Follow these steps to elevate your efficiency game.

  1. Organise your pots and pans
    Pots and pans can end up being stored messily in your kitchen cupboards and not being able to find the right lids can become the bane of your life. Kitchen organisation can make life much easier.
    A storage hack for pans- install tiered shelves inside your pan cupboards, allowing you to see everything clearly. Utilise your cupboard doors by sticking adhesive hooks on the inside for your pan lids, making them easier to find and reach for when cooking.
    Also, use a lower cabinet or large drawer closest to the hob so you have easy access to your pots and pans and don’t need to lift heavy pans from a height.
  2. Keep kids items within their reach
    If you have kids, keeping their designated items, such as colouring books and pens, in lower-down cupboards means you can encourage them to use their items and learn to put them away themselves. This will mean less cleaning for you.
    Baskets in the cupboards are also ideal for keeping areas organised and tidy. Whilst the lower cupboards are filled with kid-safe items, keeping any hazardous/cleaning products on higher shelves or cupboards will keep your mind at ease.
  3. Creating a cleaning caddy
    Having a caddy full of your favourite cleaning products makes it easier to move from room to room whilst you clean. Staple items for your cleaning caddy should include a pack of microfibre cloths like the Marigold Let It Shine! Microfibre Cloths – they are great for removing grease, dust, and dirt from surfaces. You’ll only need a spray bottle of water in your cleaning caddy, as just like our microfibre mop heads here at Vileda*, these cloths remove over 99% of bacteria using just water!**
    For bulkier items such as your Vileda mop, brush, and vacuum cleaner, you may need to keep these in a tall storage cupboard. Store these items near the kitchen/lounge where possible, so you have easy access for speed cleaning.

There you have it, all of our top DIY hacks to improve your cleaning efficiency. Now we want to see them in action! Tag @Viledauk in your Instagram and Facebook posts.

* Removes E. coli S. aureus from hardwood floor ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.
**Removes E. coli & S. aureus from laminate countertops & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

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