Vileda Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer

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This durable airer has 18m of line length with a detachable wing which can be used to dry your clothes on a radiator or balcony.

With wheels for easy manoeuvrability and an attachment for hanging small items, it is versatile for all your washing needs.

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Product Highlights

1. 18 Metres of Drying Space

This clothes airer with a detachable wing has a total of 18 metres drying space. This means you can dry up to two wash loads.

2. Dual Purpose

Detachable wing can be removed and hung on the balcony or on the radiator. This is a useful option to quickly dry a small amount of laundry without using up a lot of space.

3. Thick Central Wires

The thick wires in the middle of the dryer help to reduce creasing on your clothes. They are made out of thick aluminium which gives it sturdiness but still makes the clothes airer light enough to easily carry around and store away.



Sturdy Steel Legs

This indoor dryer has strong table legs made from steel to offer stability and sturdiness

Small Laundry Holder

An additional hanger on this clothes dryer allows you to hang socks and small laundry without pegs.

Transportation Wheels

Comes with 2 wheels to easily move the clothes airer with the detachable wing around even when fully loaded


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Premium 2in1 Clothes Airer with Detachable Wing

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Premium 2in1 Clothes Airer with Detachable Wing

3 Year Guarantee (with proof of purchase/ purchase receipt)

This clothes airer with an integrated radiator airer is a valuable daily aid thanks to its dual function. The special feature of the Premium 2in1 clothes airer is the detachable wing. It can be hung on radiators, balconies or even a window. Therefore you don’t need an extra outdoor drying rack or a washing line. The handles of the detachable drying rack are adjustable to suit different support widths. Simply do your washing and use the additional drying rack to quickly dry only a small amount of laundry.

The open dimensions are W179xD57xH105cm. Closed dimensions are W57xD8xH106cm.

Compared to rotary dryers or even regular clothes airers the Vileda Premium 2in1 clothes horse is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space when folded. It is suitable for smaller spaces even when being used, while still providing a drying space of 18 metres. This clothes airer with an integrated radiator airer is ideal for flat drying. It also comes with a special hanger for small items like socks or underwear. Get this useful clothes airer now!

Indoor Driers Comparison

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Vileda Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer

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X-legs airer
Table airer
X leg airer
Extendable airer
Table Airer
Line Length (m)
Size Open (L x W x H) (cm)
173 x 56 x 116
179 x 57 x 105
196 x 56 x 118
216-304 x 56 x 128
174 x 57 x 112
Size Closed (L x W x H) (cm)
55.5 x 6.3 x 130
57 x 12 x 106
56 x 8.5 x 132
56 x 8 x 122
57 x 7 x 106
Wings Height (cm)
Additional Features
sock hanger / wing lock / safety joint
Removable wing to be used on radiator / sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger (2 on plus version) / wing lock/ extendable
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
Washloads it Holds
Details >
Details >
Details >
Details >
Details >

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a clothes airer with one extendable and one detachable wing. The detachable wing can be placed on a radiator or balcony to quickly clean smaller amounts of laundry.
The dimensions of this clothes airer with integrated radiator airer are: Height 91, Width 180, Depth 57 cm. It is a compact clothes airer and is suitable for smaller apartments. It folds flat when not in use and can easily be stored away.
You can dry up to two regular wash loads or one big wash load. It has 18 metres of drying length and a drying capacity of 12.8 kg.
The table legs make it sufficiently sturdy. It’s made from aluminium which ensures a stable stand but also makes it lightweight and easy to carry around.
You don’t need pegs. The thick central wires help to minimize creasing on your clothes while the additional small laundry holder can hold small items like socks or underwear.

3 Year Guarantee

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