Tips on how to properly iron a dress shirt! Sleeves, collar and more!


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Ah, those creases! Have you ever wanted to know how to iron a dress shirt properly? If so, then this is the blog post for you! Ironing a dress shirt properly is not as easy as it seems. If you don't do it right, your shirt will look creased and unprofessional. We will go over how to iron the sleeves, collar and some of our top tips on getting a perfect result everytime. for the perfect result. Let's get started! 

How to iron a dress shirt? 

Mastering the art of ironing a dress shirt is essential for achieving a polished and professional appearance. From the sleeves to the collar, we'll provide expert insights and techniques to ensure your shirts are crease-free and ready to impress. 

Get the right equipment 

Don't sweat it; ironing a dress shirt is a breeze once you've got the right tools on hand. Here's your checklist: 

  1. An iron – the kind you can pour a bit of water into for steam. Bonus points if it's Teflon coated for a slick glide. 

  1. A good ironing board and cover – size doesn't matter; it just needs to work for you. The foldable ironing boards of Vileda are quick to set up and height adjustable, so you can always iron in a comfortable posture. 

  1. A spray bottle – to mist your shirt with, especially if your iron doesn't do the job. 

  1. Hangers – to hang your shirts straight away after ironing. 

  1. Starch spray (optional) - for effortlessly crisp shirts.

The best way to iron the shirt collar 

Unbutton your shirt and lay flat on the ironing board with the inside of the shirt showing. Get that iron going starting from the edges of the collar work your way to the middle. Flip the shirt over to see the other side of the collar to expose the key show-side, the outside. With your trusty iron, begin again at the edges and work towards the middle. Now, fold that collar down nicely. Start ironing from one tip of the collar to the other, providing a smooth finish and a natural fold. 

Pro tip: Remember, always move from the edges inwards. Starting mid-collar could lead to unsightly creases. Be thorough but gentle. Caring for your shirts not only makes them look crisper but they will also last longer! 

Iron the front of the shirt thoroughly 

Ironing the front of your dress shirt properly is crucial. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Start with your shirt nicely washed and set your iron at the right temperature (check the care label). 

  1. Iron the front panel while laying it flat on the board. Make sure to get in between the buttons but avoid ironing them directly. 

  1. Spend extra time on the pocket t to make it crisp

The easy way to iron sleeves 

Here's how you can iron the sleeves of your shirt: 

  1. Lay the shirt with one sleeve flat on the ironing board, ensuring there aren't any folds and the shirt is facing up. 

  1. Use your hands to smooth out any creases between the two layers to avoid unwanted lines. 

  1. Start ironing from the seam using only the weight of the iron and short movements, raising the sleeve slightly with your other hand to check underneath for creases. Note: If you don't want a visible crease line, avoid ironing over the top edge. 

  1. Flip the sleeve over, flatten it and repeat ironing if needed. Then, move on to ironing the inside of the cuff, followed by the outside. 

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other sleeve. 

Pro tip: Iron close to buttons or cuff-link holes, but don't go directly over them, this will prevent any damage happening. 

How to iron the back of the shirt 

And lastly, you're going to tackle the back of your shirt. Here's how: 

  1. Lay the upper part of the back and shoulder flat on the ironing board. Gently but firmly, iron in slow upward and downward motions. 

  1. Spin the shirt around to iron the lower back using the exact same technique. 

Quick tip: Ironing across in only one direction mildly stretches out the fabric, further reducing creases. 

Hang and admire your shirt after ironing 

That's it. You're almost there! Now, grab a coat hanger and get ready to flaunt your work. Slide the hanger into your shirt, making sure to match the hanger's shoulders with the shirt's. Hey, symmetry matters! Now button it up right to the neck to maintain that crisp collar. Got it all hanging equally? Great. 

Here's a pro tip: Keep your shirt close to admire your work, but make sure to look for any sneaky creases you might've missed. Found one? No worries, just go back to the board and give it a quick iron. Finally, promise not to give into the temptation of steam-blasting those creases out while holding the shirt. It seems like a quick fix, but it's just ruining your hard work. Kudos, your shirt is now in crease-free. 

3 pro ironing tips 

Ironing a dress shirt to perfection requires more than just basic techniques—it demands finesse and precision. In this section, we're diving deeper into the art of achieving crease-free excellence. From pre-ironing preparation to adjusting heat levels and using steam effectively, these pro tips will help your ironing process. 

1. Spray the shirt with water and a fabric conditioner 

  • Start clean: Always begin with a freshly clean shirt. After washing, you dry your freshly washed clothes on the Vileda clothes horse that suits you, which already ensures fewer creases on blouses and pants. Don't forget to shake it out and hang it up! 

  • Get the right water: Just a heads-up, mix tap water with distilled water 50/50 to keep your iron from clogging. 

  • Set the iron: Wait for the iron to heat up but don't crank it up too much. You don't want a burnt shirt! 

  • Spray freely: Give your shirt a decent sprinkle with a spray bottle or mister. The damper, the better it irons. 

2. Iron the shirt on low heat 

Ironing your shirt on low heat is key. It's especially vital for cotton-blend shirts where too much heat can cause scorch marks. Here's how to do it right. 

To begin the ironing process, carefully place your shirt on the ironing board, avoiding any unnecessary stretching of the fabric. Ensure it lays flat and comfortable. Next, take a moment to address any major creases by using your hand to smooth them out gently. This step prepares the fabric for the ironing process ahead. 

Now, it's time to tackle the ironing itself. Remember the golden rule: avoid moving the hot iron around hastily. Instead, focus on pressing it to one spot at a time. By doing so, you prevent the fabric from being stretched or distorted. 

Thanks to the soft surface of the Vileda ironing board covers, even very delicate materials are protected from unsightly pressure marks and you can even let your iron linger briefly on the heat-resistant surface without anything going wrong. 

As you work your way through the shirt, don't forget to rotate it on the ironing board to access different areas effectively. It's essential to finish ironing one area before proceeding to the next, ensuring thorough and consistent results. Once the ironing is complete, allow the fabric to cool down while keeping the shirt flat and free from any new creases. 

3. Use steam to get rid of creases quickly 

To properly iron your dress shirt, begin by lightly dampening it using a a spray bottle filled with water or your iron's water spraying feature. This moisture helps to relax the fabric and makes the ironing process more effective. 

Take your time and be meticulous in your approach. Pay special attention to the most creased sections of the shirt, as these areas may require a little extra care. Utilise the steam boost function on your iron for these trouble spots to achieve a flawless and smooth finish. 

Tip: Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board Covers ensures faster ironing due to the metallised foil layer. The foil material is laminated underneath the soft cotton cover, which reflects heat and steam back into the laundry, helping to remove creases quicker. 

Once you've finished ironing the shirt, it's crucial to hang it immediately to prevent new creases from forming. Hanging the freshly ironed shirt allows it to cool down and settle into its crease-free state, preserving the smooth appearance you've worked hard to achieve! 

Expert tips: 

  • Always read the garment's label first. 

  • If you don't have an iron, a hairdryer can work miracles. Wet the creased areas and carefully blow-dry them. 

  • Running late? Simply hang your shirt in the bathroom while you shower. The steam from the shower will lightly iron your shirt. 


Why is a good ironing board important for ironing shirts? 

Using a high-quality ironing board, like the Vileda Neo Ironing Board isn't just a neat trick; it's a game-changer. The Vileda Neo Ironing Board is a convenient and compact size, ideal for small spaces. It has a 100% cotton cover and foam underlay to ensure a smooth surface while ironing. The Child Safe Pull & Lift System prevents accidental closure of the board and allows you to easily adjust the height of the board to suit you while ironing. 

Here's what you need to look for in a good ironing board: 

  • Steady stance: A good ironing board gives you a firm and stable surface, making the ironing process quicker and safer. In addition you want an ironing board that can handle the pressure and won't collapse under the weight of your clothes or in case children or pets bump into the ironing board 

  • Iron rest: On the sturdy shelf you can put your iron down to rest, when you don't need it at the moment. 

  • Adjustable height: Adjustable height ensures good posture during ironing, preventing back aches and stress. 

  • Storage: Good Ironing boards can be folded and stored away easily and space saving. 

  • Clothes hanger hooks: Those hooks conveniently allow you to hang your freshly ironed garments immediately so you can admire your handy work!. 

  • Sufficient space: A wide surface of an ironing board allows you to spread the shirt properly, avoiding new creases. 

  • Heat resistance: Quality boards come with heat resistant covers. You can also let your iron linger briefly on the heat-resistant surface without anything going wrong. 

Make sure to choose your ironing board wisely! At Vileda, we offer some of the best ironing boards. Whether you're an avid iron user, have limited space, or seek a model with special features, we have the perfect and efficient ironing board to fit your needs. 

Get your new ironing board today! 

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