Vileda Perfect Fit Ironing Board Cover

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The Perfect Fit ironing board cover is an easy to fit cover with elastic around the seam of the cover which gives a wrinkle free surface.    


The cover fits ironing boards 114-122 cm in length and 34-42 cm wide ideal for small and medium ironing boards.

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Product Highlights


Wrinkle Free

The elastic seam around the edge of the cover gives a smooth and wrinkle free surface.

2. Cotton Cover

The 100% cotton cover allows your iron to glide evenly across the board.

3. Easy Fit

Quick and easy replacement ironing board cover to refresh your ironing surface.



Width and Length

The Perfect Fit ironing Board Cover fits boards 114-122cm in length and 34-42cm wide. Due to the elastic seam aroung the edges, this Vileda cover is easy to fit with no hanging cords. 



This cover is made of 30% cover and 70% molton polyester, which is ultra-heat-resistent. 



An easy fit replacement cover to refresh your ironing board. 


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Vileda Perfect Fit Ironing Board Cover

Special Feature
Heat and steam reflection
Heat reflection
Heat resistant 'parking' zone
Smooth, wrinkle free surface
2 - Cotton cover with metallic foil material on underside. Separate foam layer.
2 - Cotton cover with foam layer.
3 - Cotton cover with foam and felt layers.
2 - Cotton with foam layer
2 - Cotton cover with felt layer
Fastening System
Elastic and clip
Elastic and clip
Elastic and clip
Elastic and clip
Elastic Fit
Fitting - Board Length (cm)
120 – 130
110 – 130
110 – 130
110 – 130
Fitting - Board Width (cm)
38 – 45
30 – 45
30 – 45
30 – 45
Purple and Grey
Grey and blue
Blue and Green
Grey and Green
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Details >
Details >
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Frequently Asked Questions

If your ironing board measures 114 cm to 122 cm in length and 34 cm to 42 cm in width then this elastic ironing board cover will fit.
This product has an elasticated seam all around the edge of the cover making it easy to fit onto your existing ironing board for a smooth ironing surface
If you still have questions about our elastic ironing board cover that have not been answered here, contact us via our online contact form. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.
Simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Please do not wash in a washing machine.
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