How to Use an Ironing Board? The Best Tips


Ironing is an essential task for maintaining a neat and professional appearance. While the ironing board is a staple in many households, understanding its proper use, care, and alternatives can significantly enhance this routine chore. This guide delves into the best practices for using and maintaining an ironing board.

Ironing board uses

Ironing boards serve as the ideal platform for smoothing out wrinkles in various garments. With different types and sizes available, from full-sized boards for extensive ironing tasks to compact tabletop models for quick touch-ups, there's an ironing board for every need. These boards are designed to provide a sturdy, heat-resistant surface, making the ironing process both safer and more efficient.

Cleaning and storing an ironing board

The longevity and performance of an ironing board are greatly influenced by its maintenance and storage. Let’s see how you can clean and store an ironing board.

How to put down an ironing board?

After use, safely collapsing your ironing board is crucial for storage and to prevent accidents. Locate the release mechanism, which is typically a lever or button underneath the board. Carefully press or lift this mechanism while gently lowering the board. Some models may have a locking feature for secure storage.

Where to store it?

Proper storage is key to preserving the condition of your ironing board. Ideal storage locations include dry, out-of-the-way areas like behind a door, inside a closet, or even mounted on a wall using hooks or brackets. Ensure that the chosen spot is easily accessible yet does not obstruct daily movements.

Should we wash the ironing board covers?

Regularly washing the ironing board cover is crucial for maintaining cleanliness and optimal ironing performance. To keep your cover clean and fresh, wipe with a damp cloth from time to time. Some covers can be machine washed but always check the manufacturer's instructions first. If the cover becomes too thin or damaged, consider replacing it to ensure a smooth ironing surface.

Picking the right ironing board for your needs

In situations where a traditional ironing board isn't available or practical, there are effective alternatives.

Are ironing boards necessary?

If you are looking for correct ironing, we recommend that you always use an ironing board. Firstly because it is more practical than any other surface and secondly because it adapts better to any type of ironing. In those cases where space is a luxury, we remind you that ironing boards are foldable, therefore very easy to store. Do not miss the opportunity to have a good ironing for fear of lack of space

What can we use instead of an ironing board?

When an ironing board is not an option, several alternatives can be utilised. A sturdy table topped with a heat-resistant ironing mat or a thick towel can provide a temporary ironing surface.  However, if you are going to iron more than one garment, we do not recommend these alternatives since they are not adjustable in height or ergonomic. Nowadays ironing boards fold up and can be easily stored.


In this article, we've explored the versatile world of ironing boards, highlighting their uses and how to clean and store them properly. Besides this, it is not always necessary to replace your board, but replacing your cover can give you more ironing possibilities like total reflect cover which is 100% steam and heat reflective. And of course, ironing boards are foldable and easy to store. 

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