Vileda Easy Twist Flat Mop

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The Vileda Easy Twist has it's own wringing mechanism as part of the mop, giving maximum convenience with minimum effort.

The powerful microfibres in the mop head removeover 99% of Bacteria with JUST water*.

No need to use harsh chemicals to get a thorough clean.

*Removes E. coli  & S. aureus from hardwood floor and ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

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Product Highlights

1. Advanced self-wringing mechanism

Rotate the handle to easily wring the twist mop’s microfibre pad and dispose of residual water and dirt. Press the quick release button on the handle to extend the flat microfibre floor mop.

2. PowerZone fibre strip

To ensure a secure and effective mopping performance, the special power zone fibre strip is designed to be super absorbent. By wringing the flat mop, the microfibre pad can be adjusted, from extra wet to almost dry, to suit your desired level of dampness.

3. Machine washable

The new self-wringing mop’s fibre pad can be rinsed with ease. Simply put the removable pad into your washing machine and turn it on at 60 °C to get rid of any residue still stuck to the cleaning fibres.



Rubber Bumps

The black rubber bumpers on each side of the twist mop prevent the mop from damaging furniture or scratching walls, and protect other obstacles the mop might encounter during the cleaning process.


Easy Dismantling

To store away your self-wringing mop, you can unscrew the handle into three parts. If you have limited storage space, this flat mop is a perfect fit for your cleaning supplies cupboard.


No Wringer Needed

Since the microfibre mop is operated by hand, you won’t need a mop bucket with an extra wringer. Its self-wringing mechanism is fully capable of rotating by man-power.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Easy Twist Flat Mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Easy Twist Flat Mop

Twist and Turn – Vileda’s Easy Twist flat mop presents an innovative self-wringing system that makes any bucket with a wringer expendable. The innovative mop head removes 99% of bacteria with JUST water*.

You won’t need to wringer, the flat mop’s built-in self-wringing mechanism twists the mop and wrings out dirty water. It prevents unnecessary splashes of dirty water. It is an all-round cleaning tool with ingenious cleaning technology. The flat mop is perfect for reaching difficult-to-access spaces, for example, underneath furniture. Corner cleaning is just as easy as mopping hard-sealed floors, vinyl floors, laminate, wooden parquet and other surfaces.

The self-wringing mop head achieves the desired pad moisture with a few easy spins of the red handle. With a quick turn, the rotation of the Easy Twist flat mop will squeeze excess water out. Subsequently, with the press of a quick-release button, the self-wringing mop snaps back into its original flat mop shape. The handle can be disjointed into three parts for maximum convenience and simple storage. The red PowerZone fibre strip further enhances the Easy Twist flat mop’s top-level floorcare performance. This key feature of the twist mop pad gets rid of stubborn dirty marks and other stains. The spin mop is equipped with rubber bumpers to protect delicate furniture and guarantee a comfortable soft-touch grip. Furthermore, Vileda’s quality microfibre technology ensures a fast and easy pick up of dirt and grime from your floor. With its safe attachment to the mop’s head, it is almost impossible for the fibre strip to slip out of position.

The Easy Twist flat mop head is machine washable at up to 60°C. Additional refills are available to purchase separately. 

*Removes E. coli & S. aureus from hardwood floor & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, it is always a good idea to quickly rinse the microfibre mop in clear water after use. Let it dry and then pop it into the washing machine. If you do not clean it as recommended, you might have to repeat this procedure by hand before reusing the spin mop.
Yes, we do offer refill packages for all of our products in our online shop. Start mopping your floors with our floor cleaning products!
The power zone fibre strip is attached to the self-wringing mop head by four small clasps. You can easily take the cloth off the hooks and remove it to wash it or attach a mop head refill.
Unfortunately not because the Vileda Easy Twist Flat Mop is specifically designed to be twisted and spun, and thus has to remain safely hooked. Other flat mops do not require hooks and are constructed in differently.
The mop has to be twisted by hand. The quick-release button, however, swivels the flat mop back into its original shape automatically.
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