Vileda Extra X-Legs Clothes Airer

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Vileda Extra clothes airer brings a breath of fresh air into our household equipment. This indoor airer with X legs and wheels allows easy mobility. The airer is flexible and can be used with the wings open or folded.

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Product Highlights

1. Adjustable Wings

Get additional drying space by simply extending the attached wings. Or fold them inwards for less space, if you only need to dry a small load of laundry.

2. Wheel Mobility

The feet of the indoor X-legs clothes airer are equipped with wheels for full mobility. Easily move and relocate the airer, even when fully loaded with laundry.

3. Collapsible Design

After finishing your laundry, fold the clothes airer on wheels and conveniently store it away behind a cupboard or in a cabinet.



20 Metres of Drying Space

Up to 20 m of usable drying space when fully extended for large loads of laundry.


Maximum mobility with collapsible structure and handy bottom wheels.

Sturdy Frame

The robust steel frame provides a stable rack for your laundry. Includes a locking feature when not in use.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Extra Indoor X-legs clothes airer on wheels

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Extra Indoor X-legs clothes airer on wheels

3 Year Guarantee (with proof of purchase/ purchase receipt)

As a daily chore, laundry drying can be tedious since many airers are rigid and bulky. With our new Vileda Extra indoor X-legs dryer, this is no longer a problem. Its design allows you to easily unfold it when needed and stores away just as effortlessly once the drying process is complete. The wheels enable you to conveniently navigate and relocate it around your house.

The open dimensions are W173xD56xH116cm. Closed dimensions are W55.5xD6xH130cm.

As a robust indoor dryer, it safely stands on solid flooring like tiling without leaving scratches. You can position it in a separate utility room as well as among your furniture in the living room. The thick wires are suitable for clothes and also heavier fabrics like bedding or duvets. Position the airer next to a radiator for an even faster drying process. Vileda’s Extra indoor X-legs dryer is a useful tool for all your different types of laundry. Get your own Extra clothes airer on wheels now and say goodbye to the unwieldy days of laundry drying!  

Indoor Driers Comparison

Vileda Extra X-Legs Clothes Airer

Vileda Premium 2in1 Indoor Airer

Vileda Soft Care X Legs Airer

Vileda Infinity Flex - The extendable XXL airer with wings

Vileda King Ultimate Indoor Clothes Airer - Excellent stability and efficient drying

X-legs airer
Table airer
X leg airer
Extendable airer
Table Airer
Line Length (m)
Size Open (L x W x H) (cm)
173 x 56 x 116
179 x 57 x 105
196 x 56 x 118
216-304 x 56 x 128
174 x 57 x 112
Size Closed (L x W x H) (cm)
55.5 x 6.3 x 130
57 x 12 x 106
56 x 8.5 x 132
56 x 8 x 122
57 x 7 x 106
Wings Height (cm)
Additional Features
sock hanger / wing lock / safety joint
Removable wing to be used on radiator / sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger (2 on plus version) / wing lock/ extendable
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
Washloads it Holds
Details >
Details >
Details >
Details >
Details >

Frequently Asked Questions

With a maximum drying space of 20 metres, the airer can take up to two large loads of washed laundry at once.
The airer weighs 2.79 kg without any laundry, making it light enough to carry around the house.
Yes, the convenient wheels at the dryer’s feet make it easy to move around even when loaded with laundry.
When fully extended, the measurements are: 173 x 56 x 93 cm When closed, the measurements are: 56 x 6 x 130 cm
Yes, it can carry heavy pieces of fabric thanks to its robust steel and aluminium design. Make sure you spread larger fabrics like blankets evenly or else they might overlap, getting creased and taking longer to dry.

3 Year Guarantee

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