Vileda Mixer 3 Tower Airer

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The Vileda Mixer 3 Tower Airer has 30m line length. It comes with three shelves which can be adjusted to suit your drying needs. 

The Mixer 3 Tower Airer, can fold flat allowing you to store in compact spaces.

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Product Highlights

1. 30 Metres of Drying Space

This tower clothes airer has a total of 30 metres drying space. This means you can dry the amount of three loads of laundry.

2. Flexible Joint

This premium 3-tiered drying rack has a flexible joint in the middle. It can be used fully open or can be folded in half to save space.

3. 6 independent laundry racks

With six independent racks, this tower airer offers diverse drying possibilities. This is especially convenient for long laundry items or for flat drying.



Wheels for Easy Mobility

The tower clothes airer has small swivelling wheels which allow it to be moved easily.


Small Laundry Holder

An additional element on this tower dryer lets you hang socks and small laundry items without pegs.

Flexible Drying Space

Simply use half of the 3-tier airer by folding it thanks to a flexible joint. It takes up less space and can easily be stored away.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Mixer 3-Tier Clothes Airer

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Mixer 3-Tier Clothes Airer

This clothes airer with 3 shelves is a versatile support for your daily drying needs in small spaces. The useful flexible joint allows you to fold it in half and place it in a corridor, on the balcony or even in a shower. The swivelling wheels allow you to move this helpful, foldable clothes airer around with ease by simply pushing it. You can effortlessly move it from your kitchen to your bathroom and, on a sunny day, even to your garden.Its drying length of 30 metres means you can dry up to 3 wash loads in one go. Six different drying racks on three different shelves offer you a lot of drying options.

The open dimensions are W71xD71xH130cm. Closed dimensions are W71xD5xH126cm.

Use this tower airer indoors fully open to dry flat clothes or fold some of the racks to hang and dry long items of laundry. This foldable clothes horse allows you to hang any clothing item the way it needs to be dried. Try it for yourself by rearranging the drying rails on this tower clothes airer!The small additional laundry holder lets you hang socks and underwear without pegs. The tower airer also has two extra hooks for clothes hangers. Purchase this clothes airer with 6 racks now and enjoy its extensive drying capability as well as its space-saving ability!

Vileda Sprint 3 Tier Airer - 15m

Vileda Sprint 3 Tier Airer - 20m

Vileda Mixer 3 Tower Airer

Vileda Express Radiator Airer

3 tier
3 tier
Line Length (m)
Size open (L x W x H) (cm)
61.5 x 54 x 143
61.5 x 61 x 147
71 x 71 x 130
52 x 35 x 18
Size closed (L x W x H) (cm)
61 x 6 x 80
61.5 x 6 x 91
71 x 5 x 127
52 x 2 x 34.5
Additional features
Easy opening and closure system/ 4 hanging hooks
Easy opening and closure system/ 4 hanging hooks
6 independent adjustable shelves/ sock hanger
Strong adjustable arms
Washloads it holds
1 small
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a clothes airer with multiple drying grids. They can be rearranged and folded to fit your drying needs.
The dimensions of this tower airer are: Height 132, Width 71, Depth 71 cm. It can even be placed inside a shower, in a corridor or on a balcony. It folds flat when not in use and can be stored away easily.
Compared to regular airers you can dry up to three regular wash loads thanks to a drying length of 30 metres.
The clothes airer is made from steel, which gives it plenty of stability. Thanks to its wheels it can easily be moved around even when in use.
You don’t need pegs. Simply hang your clothes on the wires and use the additional small laundry holder to hold small items like socks or underwear. There are also two hooks to hang clothes hangers.

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