Vileda SuperMocio Refills Trio Bundle| Replacement Mop Head | Fits all SuperMocio Mops

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Our three Vileda SuperMocio Refill Mop Heads are now sold in a trio bundle so you have a specific mop for any occasion. 
Each Vileda SuperMocio Mop Head provides excellent cleaning results on any hard floor surface. The variety of mop heads all help you tackle different types of cleaning tasks. The SuperMocio Microfibre and Power is perfect at colleting left over pet hair, while the Microfibre and Cotton is fantastic at removing grease and dirt. The 3Action XL, is your prefect all-rounder! They can all remove over 99% of bacteria with just water*. 

Each mop head fits the same Vileda SuperMocio handle 

  • Easy to change
  • Fits the same handle
  • Wash and reuse
  • Removes 99% of bacteria with just water*

Switch your replacement mop head every 6 months.

*Removes E. Coli & S. aureus from wooden floor and ceramic tile as tested by 3rd party lab.

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More Information on the Vileda SuperMocio Refills 3-Pack Trio Bundle

Do you want a mop head for specific jobs? Then our new mop head bundle is ideal for you! 

The Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre & Cotton Refill is fantastic at removing grease and dirt, whilst the cotton gives extra absorbency, ensuring more water is picked up from the floor. This is a winning combination to give the perfect floor clean each time.

The Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Refill has a red non-scratch scrubbing zone that removes even the most stubborn dirt, blue microfibre zones tackle greasy residue and the 3D red dots are ideal for extra hair and particle pick-up. 

The Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre & Power String Mop Refill offers excellent cleaning results on any hard floor surfaces, thanks to the mixture of different microfibres. The red fibres effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains from your floor, whilst the white strands offer super absorbency and grease removal.

All mop head refills use advanced microfibre technology to remove over 99% of bacteria with just water* – no chemicals needed. They are each compatible with any Vileda SuperMocio range mop. The extendable telescopic handle enables you to adjust the mop to a height that suits you. 

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