Vileda UltraMax Complete Mop & Bucket Set

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The Vileda Ultramax complete mop and bucket set is the perfect choice for your daily floor cleaning. Thanks to the 2in1 pad incorporating Vileda microfibres it makes short work of any dirt or stains on your floors.

The powerful microfibres in the mop head removeover 99% of Bacteria with JUST water*.

No need to use harsh chemicals to get a thorough clean.

Bucket size Height 275mm x Width 270mm x Depth 465mm

*Removes E. coli  & S. aureus from hardwood floor and ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

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Product Highlights

1. Great for all hard floors

UltraMax set is the perfect choice for all your hard floor types, including laminate and wood (e.g. pine, maple, alder and mahogany).

2. Splash Protection

To prevent getting splashed with dirty water, the bucket wringer has an integrated water-splash protection so that the quick rotation of the mop head does not cause a mess.

3. Easy Wringing

The machine washable pad is designed for an easy and fast wringing process. The flat mop head can be folded by stepping on the button to spin the microfibre pads inside the wringer bucket.

UltraMax Complete Mop & Bucket Set


3 Piece handle

The UltraMax mop handle can be dissasembled into 3 pieces, perfect for storing in small spaces such as under the sink.


Machine Washable Pad

The microfibre mop pad is fit for cleaning in your washing machine at up to 60 °C

Adjustable Cleaning Pressure

Our unique "Powerzone" textured mop pad has been intricately designed to apply pressure where you need it most


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda UltraMax telescopic mop and bucket

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda UltraMax telescopic mop and bucket

This Vileda UltraMax mop and bucket set comes with a mop and wringer plus a fitting bucket, giving you a complete cleaning scrubber set that removes over 99% of bacteria with JUST water*.

Unlike generic cleaning polishers, scourers, brooms or other cleaners, the UltraMax set enables a smooth and fast cleaning process in all your rooms, with no need to change equipment for different surfaces. With 30% extra particle pickup compared to the previous version of the Vileda UltraMax mop, this mop and bucket set is ideal for cleaning all of your hard floors, including wood and laminate. Even large and stubborn particles like hair are effortlessly picked up.

After just one mopping, your floors will sparkle clean and pure like new. Thanks to the 2in1 pad-incorporating Vileda microfibres, you can ensure a flawless cleaning performance with red and grey fibres to remove particularly tenacious dirt and stains. Not even oil or spilt food residue stands a chance against this innovative microfibre design. The practical 180° pivoted swivel head allows for easy cleaning around your furniture, ensuring a flexible and straightforward scouring experience. Enjoy cleaner water refills on your mop with the asymmetric bucket funnel wringer to avoid unnecessary pad lifting and water splashing, no more problems with overflowing water and slippery floors. Get your own Vileda UltraMax complete mop and bucket set today, and enjoy a new level of modern home cleaning comfort!

*Removes E. coli & S. aureus from hardwood floor & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can clean the washable head of the large microfibre mop up to 60 degrees in your washing machine.
The UltraMax microfibre mops have been designed for hard floor types like laminate, tilework or wood.
The Vileda Ultramax complete mop & bucket set includes a mop and wringer, a telescopic rod and a bucket. All essential floor cleaning tools united in one single set.
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