Vileda Park & Go Ironing Board Cover

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The Park & Go universal ironing board cover is a replacement ironing board cover with a metallised temporary parking zone that helps prevent burn marks. The cover will fit ironing boards measuring 30-45 cm in width and 110-130 cm in length, making it a universal fit for most standard ironing boards. Discover our convenient ironing board covers now.

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Vileda Park & Go Ironing Board Cover


Product Highlights

1. Metallised Parking Zone

Park & Go means just that: “park” your iron on the metallised area temporarily. The metallic fabric keeps the cover from getting burn marks. “Go” and continue ironing whenever you want.

2. Universal Fit

The cotton cover fits all ironing boards ranging from 110 cm to 130 cm in length and from 30 cm to 45 cm in width, making it a universal ironing board cover.

3. Foam underlayer

It has a foam cushion layer to provide a smooth ironing surface. The iron simply glides across the surface and your clothes.



Place the Cover

Make sure that your universal ironing board cover is positioned correctly before attaching it to the ironing board.

Adjust the Cover

To attach it, pull the two straps at the end of the cover to tighten it safely around the board.

Secure the Cover

With the help of a small red clip, easily secure the strings and wrap the cover around the board tightly.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Park & Go universal ironing board cover

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Park & Go universal ironing board cover

This universal ironing board cover features a heat resistant area. You can place your iron directly on the cover for temporary parking. The metallised area of the 100%-cotton cover serves as an iron parking zone for any standard irons and steam irons. The cover itself is a universal replacement with dimensions to fit a variety of ironing boards. The 110-cm to 130-cm length and 30-cm to 45-cm width guarantee an ideal fit for all  Vileda ironing boards. It can be wrapped around the ironing boards by pulling the cords and adjusting the cover. It is made of 100% cotton material to reduce crinkles. The double layer material with a special foam cushion layer ensures a smooth surface for your iron to glide evenly across the board. The universal ironing board comes in a stylish mint white and green butterfly design with a grey metallised parking zone. Buy your Vileda Park & Go universal ironing board cover now for a convenient ironing experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your ironing board measures 110 cm to 130 cm in length and 30 cm to 45 cm in width then this universal ironing board cover will fit.
This product comes in one design only with a mint, white, grey butterfly pattern.
If you still have questions about our universal ironing board covers that have not been answered here, contact us via our online contact form. Our customer support team will be happy to help.
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