Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board Cover

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Article Number: 163263

This ironing board cover reflects 100% heat and steam back into your laundry for easier and faster ironing.

This cover can fit boards 120-130cm in length and 38-45cm in width, making it a universal fit for most standard ironing boards.


Product Highlights

1. Metallised Surface

The underside of the cotton cover has a unique foil material that reflects heat and steam through the cotton cover and into your laundry to make ironing quicker and easier.

2. Easy Fit

The cotton cover fits all ironing boards that range from 120 cm to 130 cm in length and from 38 cm to 45 cm in width, making it a universal ironing board cover.

3. Double-Layer Structure

The cover consists of cotton with a foil surface on the underside to reflect heat and steam back into your laundry and helps reduce condensation on your board. A separate foam layer included gives added thickness and softness to the ironing surface.



Place the Cover

Make sure that your metallic ironing board cover is positioned correctly before attaching it to an ironing board.


Adjust the Cover

Easily fit the cover by placing the elasticated end around the wide end of the board near the iron rest then pull the strings towards the nose end of the board to adjust the cover around the board


Secure the Cover

With the help of a small, red clip, easily fix the strings and tightly wrap the cover around the board.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Total Reflect Plus Ironing Board Cover

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda Total Reflect Plus Ironing Board Cover

Our diverse ironing board covers present different functions and qualities. The Vileda Total Reflect Ironing Board Cover has a metallised surface, which reflects heat to ensure a shorter ironing process and best ironing results for your clothes. The cotton cover with the foil underside and a separate foam layer reflects heat and steam and helps reduce water condensation. The Total Reflect Ironing Board Cover can be attached to any ironing boards up 120 - 130 cm long and 38 - 45 cm wide.

It is the ideal fit for standard Vileda ironing boards. The heat-reflective ironing board cover can function as a replacement for your old cover or as an innovative addition to your already existing collection of Vileda quality covers. This heat reflective ironing board cover is a must for everyday use. Buy your Vileda ironing board cover now to ensure a faster ironing experience in your household!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can iron large amounts of clothes on this heat-reflecting ironing board cover. Business shirts and delicate garments can easily be ironed as well without creases.
This product is constructed with long cords that adjust the tightness of the cover wrapped around our ironing boards. An elasticated string is not attached to this item.
This product comes in a silver-grey design with a white and blue Vileda butterfly pattern.
If you still have questions about our heat-reflective ironing board covers that have not been answered here, you can simply contact us via our online contact form . Our customer support team will be happy to help.
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