Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Mop

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The Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL mop with microfibre includes three key cleaning actions for deep down cleaning and removes 99% bacteria with JUST water*.

The red non-scratch scourer removes stubborn dirt, the blue microfibre zone removes greasy residue and the 3D red power dots for picks up extra hair and dirt particle.

*Removes E. coli  & S. aureus from hardwood floor and ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

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Product Highlights

1. Triple Power for Easy Mopping

With 3 key cleaning actions, our unique 3Action mop gives a deep down clean, removing greasy dirt, stubborn marks, hairs and dirt particles from your floors.

2. Extendable Telescopic Handle

With an extension range from 80 - 140 cm, the telescopic handle can be adjusted easily and quickly to a height that suits you.

3. Lemon Shape for Corner Cleaning

The lemon shaped head allows the mop head to reach into corners and clean effectively along edges such as skirting boards.



Microfibre Zone + Power Dots

The microfibre area on the mop removes greasy dirt and the red power dots pick up hairs and dirt particles.


Now XL for 25% Extra Floor Contact

The enlarged surface of the mop makes the cleaning process even more efficient


Machine Washable at up to 60 Degrees

The mop head can be cleaned in your washing machine after use without losing efficiency


MORE INFORMATION on Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Mop

MORE INFORMATION on Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Mop

The SuperMocio 3Acton XL is a perfect choice when you need to clean multiple rooms and the home, especially high traffic areas.

Its telescopic handle means the height can be adjusted to suit you. The super-absorbent material, along with the 3 cleaning actions, helps collect a large amount of dirt and will mop your floors clean within moments - removing 99% of bacteria with JUST water*. With the Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL mop, you get all the essential floor care functions in one package. Whether it be dust, hair, liquid, crumbs or mud, the 3 key cleaning actions of the mop help get rid of all kinds of dirt with ease. Combine this product with the new and improved Vileda SuperMocio Bucket with Torsion Wringer for optimal cleaning performance.

This model is an improvement to the previous Vileda SuperMocio 3Action mop as the improved, wider outer strips add +25% extra contact with the floor and ensure an even more thorough and fast-paced cleaning process. Get yourself this useful mop and benefit from its various functions!

*Removes E.coli & S.aurens from hardwood floor & ceramic tiles as tested at a 3rd party lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SuperMocio mop with microfibre is ideal for cleaning tiles and vinyl floors. For wood/laminate floors, ensure all excess water is wrung from the mop before use.
Yes, you can clean the mop head in the washing machine at up to 60°C.
Yes, the 3D red power dots pick up pet hair along with other dirt particles and release them into the water of the bucket when the mop head is rinsed.
Whilst holding the mop handle beside your legs, carefully put your foot on the red plastic head. Then pull the handle upward with your hands. Be careful and make sure that the handle faces away from you and any other objects that might be in the way.
If your question has not been answered here, you can always contact us through our online contact form. Our customer support will be glad to assist you with any help you need.
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