Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre & Power XL Mop

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The Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre and Power Mop gives an excellent floor clean with thanks to its mix of fibres. The red fibres effectively remove stubborn dirt and stains from your floor, whilst the white strands offer excellent absorbency and grease removal.

Combined they are a powerful cleaning combination and even collect crumbs, hairs and the finest dirt particles.The powerful microfibres in the mop head remove over 99% of bacteria with JUST water*. No need to use harsh chemicals to get a thorough clean. As long as this mop is thoroughly wrung out, it can be used on all hard floor surfaces even wood and laminate.

*Removes E. coli  & S. aureus from hardwood floor and ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.


Product Highlights

1. Special Red Fibres

The red fibres are specifically designed to give an even better cleaning performance, by even picking up hair and other particles that may have been missed from your earlier sweep.

2. Extendable Telescopic Handle

The handle can be adjusted in length to suit your personal height, making it much more comfortable to use. This mop will reach a maximum length of 1.11 metres when fully extended, and can then be reduced to it's smallest size for storage if needed.

3. Machine Washable

This microfibre floor mop head can used again and again, cleaning it is easy, simply remove the head from the mop and pop it into your washing machine on a 40 °C to remove any remaining dirt particles. Ensure you do not use fabric softer as this changes the fibres consistancy.



Easy Corner Cleaning

The mop head is shaped like a lemon rather than being fully round. This means that corners can be easily cleaned.


Powerful Cleaning Fibres

The SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop combines a mixture of two types of fibres, combined they offer superior cleaning effectively removing even stubborn marks and stains from your floor, as well as picking up hair, crumbs and other small dirt particles.


Grease Removal

Getting rid of oily and greasy substances can be tricky. The SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop,  uses microfibre technology effectively removing grease from your floor.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of hair your pet leaves around the house? Are there areas in your home that serve as hiding places for your cat or dog hair? Sometimes hairs are still left after you've brushed an area. This is where the SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop will help.  The combination of the white and red strands of the mop not only give a superior clean removing stubborn grease and dirt, but they also help to pick up hair and dirt particles, as well as to remove 99% bacteria with JUST water*.

The extendable telescopic handle enables you to adjust the mop to a height that suits you. Cleaning hard-to-reach areas and corners in your home is easy because the mop’s lemon-shaped head, it also saves you having to crawl down into these areas to scrub them by hand. 

To clean the XL mop head, pop it into your washing machine and run a cycle to a maximum of 40 °C. This mop can be used on all hard floor surfaces, including tiled and vinyl, even more, delicate floors like wood and laminate.

*Removes E. coli & S. aureus from hardwood floor & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the SuperMocio Microfibre & Power Mop is compatible with one of our Vileda buckets: The SuperMocio Bucket & Torsion Wringer.
Place the microfibre floor mop beside your legs and carefully put your foot on the red plastic head. Then, pull the handle upward with your hands. However, be careful and make sure that the handle faces away from you and any other objects that might be in the way.
Unfortunately, the mop heads are not always interchangeable. Please contact customer support for specific answers: 0117 330 2277.
We recommend using the XL mop on solid floors such as vinyl, linoleum and other tiles (e.g. bathroom, kitchen). For cleaning wooden floors and laminate, please be careful when choosing the amount of water to use on the floor. Wring out the microfibre floor mop carefully before cleaning and do not flood wooden floors!
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