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Moving house? Here is everything you need to  deep clean your new home and keep on top of the laundry! Save 10% buying these products in a bundle! Included in the bundle:

  • Vileda Turbo 2in1 - spin mop & bucket set 
  • Vileda Turbo 2in1 Mop Refill
  • Vileda 3Action Broom
  • Vileda 2in1 Dustpan and Brush Set
  • Vileda Neo Ironing Board
  • Vileda Mixer 3 Tower Airer

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1. Designed for key household chores

Mopping? Sweeping? Ironing? Drying? We’ve got you covered with a product for each task.

2. Space Considering

The Mixer 3 and Neo Ironing Board compactly fold and are easy to store and the Dustpan & Brush set handily clips together.

3. Made to last

All of these products are of a high quality and are durable.

More Information

More Information

Everything you need in one purchase! 

  • Vileda Turbo 2in1
    • Pedal-activated wringer
    • Deep cleaning microfibre
    • Made with 30% recycled plastic**
  • Vileda Turbo 2in1 Mop Refill
    • Remove up to 99% of bacteria with just water* 
    • No chemicals needed
    • Suitable for all hard floor surfaces
  • Vileda 3Action Broom
    • Three different types of fibres combined in one
    • Suitable for many different floorings e.g. laminate, tiles, PVC or wood
    • Bristles made from 100% recycled materials
  • Vileda 2in1 Dustpan and Brush Set 
    • Convenient clip-in system 
    • Ergonomic Short Handle
    • Handy Corner Cleaning
  • Vileda Neo Ironing Board
    • Child Safe Pull & Lift System
    • Height adjustable from 71cm to 90cm
    • Clothes hanger hooks
  • Vileda Mixer 3 Tower Airer
    • 30 Metres of Drying Space 
    • 6 independent adjustable shelves for convenience
    • Wheels for transport

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend changing your mop head every 6 months for extra cleaning power.
The main purpose of the 3Action broom is to be used as an indoor item on your floor. However, it could also be used as one of your tools for sweeping the outer entrance or similar areas if you do not own a designated outdoor brush. For long-term outdoor sweeping, you should still get different cleaning brushes.
While the brush of the Short Handle Dustpan Standard can be used as a provisional duster or polisher for your décor and furniture, the bristle fibres are too rough for long-term dusting and might damage delicate items over time. For this use, we recommend a tool with finer bristles like a goat-hair brush.
This ironing board it 114cm long and 33cm wide with an adjustable height of 71cm- 90cm.
This is a clothes airer with 6 independent shelves which can be adjusted to suit the size and type of your laundry. For example, fold down the middle and bottom shelves when drying long items such as trousers. In addition, use the hooks to hang your shirts and blouses on clothes hangers.
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