Cleaning Excellence: Finding the Best Steam Mop for Your Laminate Floors



Laminate flooring is a common choice in many homes due to its durability, easy maintenance, and stylish appearance. However, just like any other type of flooring, it requires regular cleaning and appropriate tools to maintain its lustre. This is where a steam mop becomes crucial; it ensures thorough and gentle cleaning. This article will inform you about the usability of steam mops on laminate floors, the method of selecting the best one for your needs, and our top 5 recommendations. 

Can you use a steam mop on laminate floors? 

Yes, you can. The question of whether you can use a steam mop on laminate floors is common. Contrary to traditional mops that may saturate laminate surfaces with water, the best type of steam mop for laminate floors delivers a controlled amount of steam, ensuring efficient cleaning without risking damage. 

How does a steam mop work? 

A steam mop operates by heating the water in its tank, transforming it into hot steam, and then pushing it onto the surface to clean. 

The high temperature of the steam is effective at removing grime and sanitising the surface by killing viruses  and bacteria. This makes a steam mop more hygienic compared to a traditional mop which only removes bacteria. 

Steam mops release steam in one of two ways: continuously or on demand. Once heated, continuous steam mops maintain steam production, providing an uninterrupted cleaning experience. On the other hand, on-demand steam mops dispense steam only when you pull a trigger or hold down a button. Despite involving more effort, this type lends you better control over the steam output. 

How to choose the best steam mop for your laminate floors 

Selecting the best steam mop for your laminate floors entails evaluating a few important factors. 

  1. Mop Head's material. As shared earlier, microfibre mops are the best solution for laminate floors. They pick up dust effectively and provide an extra shine to your floor while requiring less water than a standard mop. 

  1. Design. Weight, handle, and manoeuvrability are also important for ease of use. A lightweight mop with an ergonomic design and swivel steering will make cleaning easier and more efficient. 

  1. Water control feature. Ensure that your chosen mop does not leave excess water on the floor, as laminate flooring is moisture sensitive. 

  2. Steam amount control feature. It should allow you to control the steam output to avoid any potential damage from excess heat or water.

  3. Cable/cord length. As steam mops have a high energy consumption, they do not yet come with batteries. That means you still need a cord. Therefore, a sufficient cord length would be a good factor.

Best steam mop for laminate and tile floors 

The Vileda Steam Mop Plus, with its rapid 15-second heat-up, is the ultimate solution for laminate and tile floors. 

Featuring predefined steam settings for various surfaces, it effortlessly eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without chemicals. The swivel head and triangular shape ensure thorough cleaning, easily reaching every corner. 

Designed for all hard-sealed floors, this steam mop offers unmatched versatility. With a detachable handle for convenient storage, the Vileda Steam Mop Plus is your go-to choose for a hygienic and efficient cleaning experience. 


Keeping your laminate and tile floors clean is a breeze with the Vileda Steam Mop Plus. Boasting a speedy 15-second heat-up, user-friendly steam settings, and an impressive 99.9% bacteria and virus elimination rate, it outshines the competition. The mop's swivel head and triangular design ensure thorough cleanliness, reaching every corner effortlessly. 

Serving as the top choice for hygienic and efficient cleaning on all hard-sealed floors, the Vileda Steam Mop Plus simplifies your cleaning routine with its detachable handle for easy storage. 

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