Vileda Infinity Flex - The extendable XXL airer with wings

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The Vileda Infinity Flex makes drying your laundry easier than ever.  This airer has 30m of drying space and the main part of the airer can extend upto 2m which offers space to effectively dry bedding and large washloads efficiently.

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Product Highlights



Can be easily extended upto 2m for effective drying of large items such as sheets and towels or for large washloads.


Wheels for Easy Mobility

The Infinity  Flex airer has small swivelling wheels which allow you to easily move it around.


Sock Hanger

This handy attachment can be used to hang small items of laundry without the need for pegs.

Main Benefits


Extendable drying rack upto 2m

Due to its flexible telescopic tubes, the Vileda Infinity Flex is perfect to accommodate bedding and large items of laundry or big washloads. 


High side wings 

The elevated wings at either side of the dryer are ideal to fit long items such as trousers.


Thick tubes

Leave less marks on your laundry while drying and help to make ironing faster.

Product Features

Vileda Infinity Flex — for all your drying needs

5 Year Guarantee (with proof of purchase/ purchase receipt) 

Vileda Infinity Flex — for all your drying needs

The Vileda Infinity Flex makes drying your laundry easier than ever. This versatile extendable clothes airer offers you up to 30 meters of drying space. Due to the telescopic central rack (extendable from 117 to 205 cm), you can hang big and bulky items such as bedding easily without folding them so they dry quicker. 

The open dimensions are W304xD56xH128cm.  Closed dimensions are W56xD8xH122cm.

The high wings at each side of the airer allow you to hang even the longest garments. There is also a handy accessory for hanging small items without the need for pegs. 

The innovative telescopic tubes are resistant and thick. Therefore fewer marks are left on your laundry which helps you to save ironing time. The solid legs and joints offer excellent stability even when the airer is fully extended and loaded. This also helps to prevent any accidental closures.

The Infinity Flex is made of steel and aluminum designed to be used indoor and outdoor. Do not leave outdoors and keep dry.

Vileda Infinity Flex is equipped with two wheels which allow you to move the clothes airer even when it is loaded. After use, the airer compactly folds and is easy to store, due to the wing clip which avoids any accidental opening of the wings.

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Vileda Infinity Flex - The extendable XXL airer with wings

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X-legs airer
Table airer
X leg airer
Extendable airer
Table Airer
Line Length (m)
Size Open (L x W x H) (cm)
173 x 56 x 116
179 x 57 x 105
196 x 56 x 118
216-304 x 56 x 128
174 x 57 x 112
Size Closed (L x W x H) (cm)
55.5 x 6.3 x 130
57 x 12 x 106
56 x 8.5 x 132
56 x 8 x 122
57 x 7 x 106
Wings Height (cm)
Additional Features
sock hanger / wing lock / safety joint
Removable wing to be used on radiator / sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
1 x sock hanger (2 on plus version) / wing lock/ extendable
1 x sock hanger / wing lock
Washloads it Holds
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5 Year Guarantee

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