Vileda Sun-Rise 50m Outdoor Rotary Clothes Dryer | With Retractable Lines

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Your perfect outdoor dryer!

With the Vileda Sun-Rise 50m outdoor dryer there is no need to worry about sagging lines due to the easy to use Perfect Line System.
This rotary dryer also ensures your lines are kept clean and tangle free as they retract back into the arms when your dryer is closed. No need for a separate cover.

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Unique Design 


No more sagging lines

The easy to use lever always ensures you have tight lines.


Always clean lines

Innovative design allows the lines to retract into the arms of the rotary dryer. Allowing you to always have clean lines. 


Ergonimic design

Easy to open and close due to the ergonmic design.

Product Highlights

1. Exclusive Tensioning System

Say goodbye to sagging lines, the Vileda patented Perfect Line System allows you to easily tension your lines with a simple lift of the lever.

2. Retractable Lines

Once you close your dryer the lines retract back into the arms to protect them from rain and dirt.

3. Easy and Ergononmic Handles

The height can be easily adjusted to suit your needs and can be opened and closed effortlessly. 

Main Benefits


Tight Lines

With a simple lift of a lever, you can ensure the lines are always tight.


Clean Lines

The lines retract into the arms to stay clean and dry when not in use



Easy and ergonomic opening and closing mechanism.

Product Features

More information on Vileda Sun-Rise Premium 50 m — tight lines even with large pieces of laundry

The Vileda Sun-Rise Premium 50 m, makes drying your laundry outdoors easy. Due to Vileda's unique Perfect Line System, lines can be easily tightened helping to avoid any unnecessary wrinkles and clothes touching the ground. After usage the lines can be retracted fully into the arms of the rotary clothes dryer, protecting them from rain or dirt.

With 50m of line length, the Vileda Sun Rise can hold upto 5 loads of washing. If you need additional hanging space each arm will hold a clothes hanger giving you more drying space without the need for pegs. If you need even more space, the arms of the dryer allow you to hang up to four regular clothing hangers. This gives you additional space to dry your laundry without the need for pegs.

Installation Instructions

Download Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the ground screw is provided with your rotary clothes dryer.
No, due to the ground screw, you don’t need to install the dryer with concrete. This is completely optional.
Yes, the product height is adjustable. The height of the lines can be adjusted to between 1.68-1.82m, making it ideal to be used for longer items of laundry such as towels and bed linen. No more worries about your laundry touching the ground!
The width from arm to arm is 1.86m and the turning circle is 2.75m.
Some deliveries outside mainland UK may incur additional delivery charges. Please check your postcode and find more information here.
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