Vileda Viva Air 45m 4 Arm Rotary Dryer

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Vileda Viva Air 45 metre is the perfect Rotary Dryer. It has everything you need for drying clothes outdoors.
With a line length of 45m it can easily hold 4 loads of washing. The lightweight steel 4 arm rotary dryer comes with a split pole, so it can be transported with ease, and assembled quickly before installation. 
Postcode restrictions apply to parts of Scotland and Islands for Rotary Dryers. Please see the delivery page for more details.

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Product Highlights

1. Line Tensioning

The easy to use handgrip allows you to tighten sagging lines.

2. Durable

The 45 metre dryer is galvanised and painted to help protect rusting and prolong durability.

3. 2.45m Turning Circle

It has a turning circle of 2.45m and can hold up to 4 loads of washing.


MORE INFORMATION on Vileda 45m 4 Arm Rotary Dryer

MORE INFORMATION on Vileda 45m 4 Arm Rotary Dryer

3 Year Guarantee (with proof of purchase/receipt)


  • Diameter of pole 32mm
  • Opened width 178cm
  • Height of dryer 182cm  
  • Net weight of product 3.9kg

The Vileda Viva Air 45m rotary dryer is durable, lightweight, and perfect for all households. The frame is galvanised and fully painted to prevent rusting and prolong durability.

This 45 metre outdoor dryer comes with a split pole, so it can be easily assembed and set up in your garden. There is an easy 3 position handgrip, which ensures lines are always taut.

You can dry upto 4 loads of washing and there is additional drying space as the hooks on each arm allow you to hang clothes hangers – convenient for drying shirts and blouses.

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Rotary dryer
Rotary dryer
Rotary dryer
Extendable line
Line Length (m)
Size open (L x W x H) (cm)
Opened width 204cm; Height of highest line (when fully raised 206cm)
Opened width 216cm; Height adjustable 168-182cm
178 x 178 x 182
Size Closed (L x W x H) (cm)
18 x 25 x 220
13 x 13 x 182
11 x 11 x 182
18.5 x 5 x 15.5
Turning Circle (cm)
Additional features
Hoist mechanism; individual line tensioning devices
Patented Perfect Line system for line tensioning; Retractable lines to keep lines clean and tangle free
3 position handgrip for line tensioning
Strong ABS container to keep lines clean and tangle free when not in use
Washloads it holds
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Details >
Details >
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is optional. If concreting into the ground there is a plastic ground socket provided for installing with concrete. If inserting into soil use a ground spike. Search for Ground Spike on our website to get a ground spike.
Yes, install using a ground socket which you can buy on our site. This allows you to remove the dryer from your garden space if required when the dryer is not in use
The length from arm to arm is 178cm, height is 182cm and turning circle is 245cm.
Some deliveries outside mainland UK may incur additional delivery charges. Please check your postcode and find more information here.

3 Year Guarantee

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