Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

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The Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop gently cleans dirt and stains from your floor. The yellow strands now contain 30% microfibre effectively removing stubborn grease and dirt, whilst still be very absorbent.

Ideal for cleaning tiled and vinyl floors, however if used with the SuperMocio Torsion Bucket Wringer it can also be used on wood and laminate floors, as the wringer effectively removes water from the mop head.

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Product Highlights

1. Water Absorption

The yellow microfibre strands are extremely absorbent and soak up liquids and grease in one go. As less water is left on the floor this also means it will dry much faster.

2. Fixed Handle

To guarantee a secure and effective mopping experience, the handle remains at one length rather than being adjustable. This is very helpful if a sturdy grip is important to you.

3. Machine Washable

Cleaning the mop head is easy. Simply remove the head from the mop handle and pop in to your washing machine. This way, you can extend the SuperMocio Soft Mop’s life time and ensure that your next clean is hygenic.



Easy Corner Cleaning

The mop head is shaped like a lemon rather than being round, this ensures you can easily reach in those hard to reach corners.


30% Microfibre

The material in the mop strands are now made up of 30% microfibre which helps to remove even the most stubborn dirty marks and grease.


Superior Cleaning

The SuperMocio Soft mop is a perfect match for cleaning Vinyl and Tiled flooring. However when used in conjuction with the SuperMocio Torsion Bucket & Wringer it can also be used on more delicate floor surfaces such as wood and laminate.


MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

MORE INFORMATION on the Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop

The Vileda SuperMocio Soft Mop gently cleans your vinyl and tiled floors. Its lemon-shaped head is designed to makes light work of cleaning into those hard to reach spots. The fibres in the mop effectively clean your floors leaving a streak-free finish. The fixed mop handle guarantees a strong and easy grip. The soft mop glides across your floor and attracts dirt and hair like a magnet. The mop head is machine washable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the SuperMocio Soft Mop head is compatible with other SuperMocio mop handles, and can also be used with the SuperMocio Bucket & Wringer.
Hold the mop so that the mop head is on the floor. Then place your foot on the strands of the mop. Pull the handle upward with your hands, making sure that the handle faces away from you and any other objects that might be in the way. The mop head should come away from the handle now.
Yes, you can also attach any of the SuperMocio Mop Refills on to this handle. Each of the SuperMocio mops are interrchangeable between each other.
The SuperMocio Soft Mop can be used on Tile and Vinyl floors. However if used in conjuction with the SupetMocio Torsion B&W then it can also be used on wood and laminate as long as enough water has been wrung out of the mop head.
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